3717 Harrison

This stunning Colonial Revival Eclectic house was built in 1911 for Kate Hayes, the recently widowed wife of former Kansas City Chief of Police, John B. Hayes. The elaborate entrance porch is accentuated with a decorative crown supported by two-story columns. In 1943, the home was converted into a four-unit apartment building and the home changed ownership ten times from the mid-1940's to late 2010 when it was purchased by the current owner. Beginning in 2011, the house has undergone extensive historic restoration according to national standards. Improvements have included specially milled interior oak, birch and fir doors to replace missing originals, period-appropriate new and old light fixtures, and a restoration of the natural finish woodwork. A new "ribbon" concrete driveway and the reinstallation of the once missing "Romeo and Juliet" iron balconies and French doors add to the historic feel of the home. New additions include an east roof dormer, a three-story back porch, and three-car garage with solar panels. Today this home serves as a comfortable old but modern home for owner Andrew Mitchell, who grew up in Hyde Park's nearby Janssen Place, and his five-year-old son Harrison, who will attend nearby Academie Lafayette School as a kindergartner next year.

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
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